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We began as several girls who loved video gaming. Growing up, we spent countless hours playing games using joysticks and keyboards that were 99% BLACK on consoles and computers with boxy design and geeky color schemes. Yes, they looked boring.

As we got older and started our careers as professional product designers, we realized that we could do something about the absolute absence of girl-oriented products in the realm of technology. Keyboards and mices, the most  commonly used devices, should be more than just tools for entering data into a machine. As long as these items occupy the center of our office desks, there should be more fashionable options than the plain old black (or white) flat box

Our initial idea was drawing inspiration from the vintage typewriters, which ironically, were designed with a fashionable purpose in mind. These antiques built centuries ago, even in today’s aesthetic standards, are still elegant. They were meant to sit quietly on your desk not only as a tool, but also an object of beauty.

Since our initial conception, we have released a number of product lines and our portfolio grew each year. We try to meet the varying demands for varying scenarios. Whether you are looking to upgrade your office desk, or to unleash your love for games, we offer exactly what you need.

Join us, say goodbye to those ugly boring keyboards and mices designed to be indifferent. It’s time to up your game.


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Kuteness INC.

98 Wadsworth Blvd. #127-3222


United States

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